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PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Full Apk Free Android Game

PangPang Hero apk

PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Full Version Apk Game For Android


Androidmaal - Peace guard (Shooting RPG) The world is in chaos because of the undead forces Are you willing to keep the peace in the universe with heroes ? Lets enjoy the great feeling of shooting RPG with simple controls.

PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Features:
  • Easy but powerful control
  • The transfer of the Champions freely with the joystick
  • Basic automated attack , press the buttons when necessary skill 2
  • Chracters unique and maps
  • Champions of skilled and different personalities
  • Various peace breaking the undead of the universe
  • An exciting adventure on 3 different terrain
  • Upgrade and items
  • Transforming heroes to be more powerful than during upgrades
  • Expand the capacity of skill through the purchase of 4 units
  •  Full 3D shooting game - colorful graphics of Champions and the terrain that I've seen an unprecedented High quality sounds that fits 3D games release your stress by shooting of the undead


PangPang Hero android

PangPang Hero apk game

PangPang Hero full android

Requirements: Android 2.0.1 Or Higher

Just Install Apk & Play Game!

Download PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Full Apk Android Game

Description: PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Full Apk Free Android Game Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Ringga - ItemReviewed: PangPang Hero v1.1.4 Full Apk Free Android Game


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