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Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0 Full Apk Free Android Game

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens apk

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0 Full Version Apk Game For Android Free Download

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens Description:
Play the latest free top-down shooter game for the holiday Christmas. Holiday Happy Birthday to all! " Santa is pumped everything ...... have a lot of fun " - CoronaGeek " get in the spirit of the holiday Christmas with the destruction of exotic little " - " ! Help Santa , Holiday Birth Save and Enjoy " RedFerret - AppReviewExpert ".. you can enjoy If you want them at a time killer . " - Were kidnapped TechCookies Santa Rock by foreigners in the night before the holiday Christmas. The chance to get him back and save Holiday Birth . In this game , you take on the role of Santa Rock as you battle aliens on the strange worlds of their own. This is an action -packed shooter from the top to the bottom of the game , where foreigners come thick and fast . Help Santa Rock defeat in five foreign worlds. What you are doing in each alien world , which helps Santa Rock earn gifts for other open worlds.In this game , Santa has access to 3 different guns . Gun has unlimited ammo , and where the machine gun and bazooka and limited ammunition . Machine gun has the capabilities of rapid fire , while the bazooka further damage of the foreigners. This could be the only chance to save the Holiday Birth , in a stunning top-down shooter game .

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens Features:
  • 3 types of aliens to be a defeat.
  •  3 types of guns to take advantage of them.
  •  The collection of gifts to open new worlds.
  •  A total of 5 exotic worlds to play on. -
  •  Keep track of your highest score on each alien world.
  • And more...


Santa Rockstar vs Aliens full apk

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens android

Santa Rockstar vs Aliens apk

Requirements: Android 2.2 Or Higher

Just Install Apk And Play Game!

Download Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0 Full Apk

Description: Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0 Full Apk Free Android Game Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Ringga - ItemReviewed: Santa Rockstar vs Aliens v1.0 Full Apk Free Android Game


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