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VLC Direct Pro Free 7.1 Full Apk

VLC Direct Pro Free apk

VLC Direct Pro Free 7.1 Full Version Apk Download Free For Android

Description and Features:
Yes !
After a lot of work , and we have launched a new version of VLC Direct Pro for free ,
And this time is free with all the features to enable PRO!
* Remote control VideoLAN VLC from your phone / tablet ( play, pause , stop , volume, full screen , and change the video / audio , and control the DVD menu , and change audio tracks , and tracks changes subtitle , etc. )
* Gary from Android to the device (video , music and photos )
* For internal video player allows streaming content from your computer to Android (video , music and photos )
* Translations supported
If you have any question, request or complaint , please do not give the application a low rate , just send us an email and we will reply within a few hours (sometimes within a few minutes !) Be sure that we will try our best to solve a specific problem .
To configure VLC , you just download and run the following script into your computer (Windows only ) :
(Remember to run it as an administrator the first time : Right-click it and then " Run as administrator " )
You will be asked to authorize the windows to make changes in the folder VLC VLC and allow access to the network. These measures are necessary for proper function , let them .
What do you do the script ?
Basically, start VLC with web interface enabled, and passes some parameters to improve the outcome coding and RTSP streaming performance .
If you do not use Windows , and you can follow this guide regard :
Important notes about the video because the versions of VLC:
VERSIONS VLC recommended : 2.1.2 , 2.1.1 , 2.1.0 , 2.0.8 , 2.0.7 , 2.0.6 , 2.0.5 , 2.0.3 , 2.0.2 , 2.0.0 , 1.1.11
VERSIONS not recommended : 2.0.4 , 2.0.1 , older versions of 1.1.11


VLC Direct Pro apk

VLC Direct Pro Free 7

VLC for android

Requirements: Android 2.0 Or Higher

Download VLC Direct Pro Free 7.1 Full Apk

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